Judgment Acquisitions

Harper & White can create immediate cash flow for your business by purchasing your existing judgment accounts. We have the expertise to enforce judgments across the country and are able to help our clients by providing them with cash today while also reducing required bad debt reserves.

Selling Judgment Accounts

Managing your businesses account recovery is time consuming and can cause compliance issues for organizations that don’t truly understand the process. Harper & White provides our clients with the option of selling accounts to create cash flow today, while further reducing liability associated with the recovery process.

Compliance Focused Solution

Clients selling judgment accounts to Harper & White enjoy immediate cash flow with minimal compliance related risks. We use a network of licensed attorneys to handle our recovery efforts, each of which holds the required licenses to operate their firm locally. As attorneys, our network is held to a higher standard of compliance and are responsible to their local jurisdictions, giving them a deep understanding and respect for complying with the law.

judgment acquisitions


  • Create Cash Flow Today
  • Focus on Compliance
  • Reduce Bad Debt Reserves
  • Future Cash Flow Predictability
  • No Recovery Fees