Harper & White is not your run of the mill recovery solutions provider. We approach recovery differently which enables us to help you accelerate cash flow and get your working capital back into your business sooner, while reducing your bad debt reserves. We move faster than using a collection agency with a more direct path to account resolution to provide our clients with faster results.

If We Do Not Recover, You Pay No Fees

Harper & White eliminates the cost of recovery fees for our clients by passing the fees along to account holders. We do not require any up-front costs to begin working your accounts, eliminating the need for additional investments into already distressed accounts.

We offer our clients a no-risk collection guarantee. If we cannot collect your account, you don’t pay us anything.

Our contingency based fee structure enables our clients to take action without the risk of paying for unnecessary services. We take on the risk, because we know how to recover funds in a compliant manner.

Learn from Our 30 Years’ Experience

Harper & White’s management team has more than 30 years’ experience recovering funds for creditors around the country. We have a national attorney network acting on behalf of our clients to accelerate their cash flow by quickly recovering funds and reducing required bad debt reserves.

Clients of Harper & White are able to leverage our people, tools and extensive attorney network to achieve maximum results. Our experienced team provides higher-performance, lower compliance risk, and the bottom line results your business needs.

why choose harper & white


Our team offers unique benefits not available through other methods or sources.

  • Management with 30 Years’ Experience
  • Detailed Knowledge of Local Jurisdictions
  • Strong Network of Local Attorneys
  • Highest Compliance Standards

We invite you to contact us to learn more about helping your business recover funds quickly and get back to focusing on your business.