If you do the same old thing
You will get the same old results

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We provide our clients with the recovery solutions that enhance cash flow while reducing required bad debt reserves.

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Harper & White will purchase existing judgments to provide our clients with an immediate cash payment for their accounts.

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Our management team has 30 years’ experience at creating a predictable cash flow for our clients in all 50 states.


Harper & White is not your run of the mill recovery solutions provider. We approach accelerating cash flow differently. We help you to quickly reduce bad debt reserves and speed up the process of getting working capital back into your business.

We offer our clients a no-risk guarantee. If we cannot recover funds and accelerate your cash flow, you don’t pay for our services.

Our national network of attorneys provides a detailed understanding of the environment in each jurisdiction further enhancing our ability to recover funds and accelerate your cash flow. We like to say that “we have an attorney in every cow patch” which provides us intimate knowledge of each court around the country for filing lawsuits and enforcing judgments in local jurisdictions.

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